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Alpha state meditation to get relief from Stress and Dipression

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Alpha state meditation exercise for a healthy mind.

Alpha state Meditation is an effective way to get relief from mental illness like stress, anxiety, tension and depression. 15 minutes of Alpha state is equivalent to 5 hours of sleep. So if you get no time for sleep, this exercise can do wonders for your healthy and stressful mind. 

Practice Alpha state meditation for around 15 to 30 minutes when you first start, especially if you have never meditated before. You can do this exercise at any time of day. 

1. First choose somewhere comfortable to sit. It is better to sit with your arms and legs relaxed rather than lie down, so that you only go into the alpha state rather than fall asleep!

2. Make sure your clothing is loose and comfortable and your arms resting on your lap or on the arms of the chair. Make sure your legs feel well supported in the ground. Keep your legs uncrossed. 

3. Close your eyes.

4. Take few deep, long breaths in and out so that you begin to slow down your breathing. Let your breath go deeper. Feel the relaxation begin to flow with your breath through your body.

5. First notice how heavy your head feels, then your neck, and notice how light your head and neck now feel. 

6. Become aware of your arms and shoulders, feel them becoming heavy and relaxed. Release the tension and feel them become light. 

7. Become aware of your torso and your stomach. Feel the tension release. 

8. Become aware of your legs and feet. Notice the tension in them. Feel them become heavy, and then as you release the tension into the air around you, they become light. 

9. Now your whole body is light and relaxed. 

You can practice this technique for all the internal and external parts of the body. I rely on this technique if I have a rather busy and stressful day. Even after doing this technique for 10 minutes I feel refreshed and energetic for many hours. 

This meditation is especially recommended for those people who are doing physical oriented jobs. 


1. This type of meditation is very useful for those who are suffering from Insomnia. 

2. Your intuition will improve and you will feel young and energetic. 

3. Remedy for all the physical ailments. 

4. Possible occurrence of ESP and Astral travel.  

5. All the Chakras will get energized.


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